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Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light's NEW book, "Prepare For The Landings!" paperback version is available for $19.95 plus shipping & handling.

This newly released book for the Lightworkers and Star People is the first book in the "The Divine Blueprint Series." It's a compilation of many years of the author's Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light's research, communication and firsthand experiences with benevolent, Angelic-type Human-Appearing Extraterrestrials. Order your copy today and don't be left behind!

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NIGHT VISION GOGGLES - Advanced 3rd Generation Military-Grade. $3599.00 -- NOT FOR EXPORT!

The ATN PVS7-3A is a full robust, dependable, high performance night vision goggle. This model is identical to the model adopted as a standard issue to US Army ground troops and designed to assist viewing and provide reliable service in the most unfavorable conditions. This model is ideal for viewing UFOs in the nighttime sky! To order, call Aurora at: