UFO SkyWatch
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Welcome to the Most Unique & Spectacular Club on Earth!


We use advanced state-of-the-art Military-Grade 3rd Generation Night Vision
equipment. Shown below are pictures detailing what we use during a sky watch.

Figure 1. Our Night Vision, Computer and Big Screen TV setup at IUFOC 2012.

Figure 2. Closeup of spotter chairs. Using Night Vision Goggles, our spotters look for UFOs.

Figure 3. Our Big Screen 55" TV.

 In Figure 4, the device on the left is our night vision monocular fitted with a Webcam and mounted on a pan and tilt. On the right is a telescope fitted with a Webcam.

 Figure 4. Night Vision on the left and a Telescope on the right.


Figure 5. Closeup of Night Vision Monocular.

Figure 6.
Telescope fitted with Webcam.

Figure 7. Two 3rd Generation Military-Grade Night Vision Goggles.