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Welcome to the Most Unique & Spectacular Club on Earth!

Attention UFO Enthusiasts...

Are you READY?

See UFOs darting about in the nightime sky using advanced military-grade 3rd Generation Night Vision Goggles.

See huge motherships launch smaller craft.

See these craft move in formation. Some craft are engaging other craft in REAL space battles.

Experience an unforgettable UFO SkyWatch LIVE Friday night at "The Launching Pad" in Phoenix, Arizona with your hosts, Doctor Whodini and Aurora Light, or SkyWatch at home on your computer with LIVE ustream video streaming for FREE! For Club members only, all the exciting video moments will be archived.

The Phoenix area is known for many UFO Sightings as indicated below by the National UFO Reporting center.

Our Night Vision, Computer and Big Screen 55" TV setup at IUFOC 2012 held in Fountain Hills, Arizona. We use state-of-the-technology and broadcast it LIVE over the internet!

Also, our Night Vision has full sky coverage using a rotating pan and tilt system shown below.

Doctor Whodini and Aurora Light were recently interviewed on Good Morning Arizona and here is what they reported:

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